Maid/ House Keeper Jobs in Abu Dhabi Visa Sponsorship

Are you seeking Maid/Housekeeper jobs in Abu Dhabi with visa sponsorship? Find opportunities for domestic work in the UAE capital, offering stability and support for your career. Working in home care in Abu Dhabi is a great place to begin your search. This post contains all the information you need about home care jobs in Abu Dhabi with visa sponsorship, including a list of the top hiring companies and job requirements. There are numerous job openings available in various roles related to home care, such as cleaning, helping with home care, taking care of the elderly, babysitting, and more. If the company you work for does not sponsor your visa, you will need to apply for one yourself after being hired. Fortunately, obtaining a work visa for the UAE is relatively straightforward due to the large number of foreign workers in various skilled and unskilled jobs. The ILO reports that there are 9.1 million people living in the UAE, with 8 million of them being foreign workers.

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One common way to work as a housekeeper or maid in Abu Dhabi is to enter the country on a general labor category visa and undergo professional training either online or on the job. Many companies do offer visa sponsorship, so it is worth exploring jobs that will provide this. The job responsibilities and obligations of a Maid/Housekeeper are varied and encompass watching over children, making meals, ensuring children are completing their tasks, overseeing social growth, and maintaining the overall health of the home environment. Candidates for these roles should possess specific mental traits and skills, such as being trustworthy, friendly, patient, proactive, and adaptable.

The average salary for a maid/housekeeper in Abu Dhabi with visa sponsorship is approximately AED 2000 per month, with employer-specific variations. Some of the top hiring companies in this field include Occidental, Emirates Grand Hotel, Hyatt, and SV (Schweiz) AG. The average salary and benefits offered for these roles are competitive and include benefits such as sponsored visas, paid vacation, and health and medical coverage.

If you are interested in applying for housekeeper/maid jobs in Abu Dhabi with visa sponsorship, it is best to use official job search websites and apply directly through the provided links. It is important to thoroughly review the job descriptions and requirements before applying to ensure that you meet all criteria. Taking the time to understand the specifics of each job posting and submitting a well-prepared application are essential steps in the application process.

Overall, working as a maid or housekeeper in Abu Dhabi with visa sponsorship offers a stable and rewarding career option, and this guide provides valuable information on job duties, company benefits, and application processes. It is also worth noting that there may be additional opportunities available within the UAE, so exploring different job titles and companies can help individuals find the right fit for their skills and expertise.