How to Get a Software Engineering Internship With No Experience

Your maiden internship can be a challenging experience. If it vexes you that organizations tend to favor interns with former internship experience, you are not alone. Every pupil experiences this sentiment at some stage, and there are available resources to assist you in securing a software engineering internship despite having no prior experience.

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The more internships you undertake, the easier it is to secure a job; however, it is important to not subscribe to the paradox that ‘every job requires experience, yet you can’t attain experience without a job.’ Whilst experience is advantageous, it is not essential.

What Constitutes a Software Engineering Internship?

A software engineer internship entails a brief training program intended for pupils aspiring to work as software engineers. Interns in software engineering collaborate with experts to refine their software development capabilities and acquire experience in a professional work environment. Based on the internship, interns may perform tasks such as creating, assessing, testing, and debugging code, writing documentation, and enhancing software performance. Interns also have the opportunity to receive mentorship and are encouraged to participate in professional development activities.

Software engineering internships present outstanding opportunities for developing the skills essential for career advancement. Completing an internship boosts your chances of being recruited post-graduation. Moreover, numerous organizations utilize internships as a method to identify candidates for entry-level positions.

How to Attain a Software Engineering Internship

Cover the fundamentals

Let’s initiate with the basics. Always maintain a LinkedIn profile when applying for internships. This profile should be current, comprehensive, and feature a profile picture. Additionally, ensure that your resume is in top condition. Prior to its distribution, have at least one other individual review it. Ideally, this person will possess expertise in resume evaluation. Your school likely provides a career resource center housing specific staff designated for resume assessment. You may also consult with a professor or trusted acquaintance.

If you lack additional content for your resume, include any projects or assignments you have completed for your classes. Highlight each project separately and utilize bullet points to describe your contributions, the objectives, the enhancements, and any other pertinent details.

Coding Clubs

University life extends beyond obtaining your degree. As a student, you gain access to a network of societies that aid in professional advancement. Rather than expending funds on additional coursework, seize the opportunity to develop your skills for free through clubs. Most resources you may necessitate will be covered through funds. Working with individuals to develop code is the best form of experience if you lack previous internships. This provides a means to develop teamwork and leadership skills, as well as receive guidance from senior students.

However, do not join a coding club purely for resume enhancement. Engage in a project you are genuinely passionate about, and your enthusiasm will resonate whenever you are questioned about your involvement. Hiring someone who lacks enthusiasm for their work is undesirable.

Connect with recruiters

Establishing contact with recruiters at organizations that interest you can offer an advantage in the application process. “Participate in events, introduce yourself, and send a deliberate message to the recruiter on LinkedIn or via email,” Grunfeld advises. “Begin early, ideally in your freshman year. Unfortunately, connections remain important, so this is an effective means of being ‘recognized’ by one of the gatekeepers for the role and securing an advocate within the company.

Craft a portfolio

Formulating a side project or portfolio can assist you in standing out during the internship application process. A side project for a software engineering internship can be as basic as creating a website. Develop a website with core functionalities (such as a chat box, infographics, analytics, etc.). The possibilities are numerous. Anything to demonstrate your capacity for developing and delivering content online.

You can expand on this concept by establishing a personal website. Here are a few ideas for your personal website:

  • An introductory section offering insight into your persona.
  • A portfolio segment showcasing the various projects you have contributed to
  • A segment for “interests,” encompassing diverse functionalities. For instance, if you have a passion for sports, you can display various statistics, graphs, and visualizations of your favored team.

Prepare your resume

A software engineering internship resume does not require substantial, if any, professional work experience. Recruiting teams seek potential as much as proven experience and competence,” states Archie Payne, president of IT and technical staffing business CalTek Staffing. “Interns must be open to constructive feedback and exhibit a growth mindset to learn and develop throughout their internship.” Displaying this, in addition to the aforementioned skills, positions applicants ahead of their competitors for the internship.

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Personal Projects

Coding clubs are commendable resume enhancers, but they pose two limitations. Firstly, they entail regular commitment (usually at least once a week). Secondly, projects are concluded and team decisions are finalized. Embarking on a personal project may serve as a superior alternative if you desire freedom in your schedule and full control over your work.

Personal projects serve as testimony to employers that you possess the capacity for self-teaching and problem-solving with minimal guidance from others. As the exclusive contributor to the project, you gain a much deeper understanding of the task at hand. For instance, when generating a website, you are unable to concentrate solely on front-end development and delegate backend tasks to another team member; you must acquire proficiency in both.

Where should you commence? There is no necessity to start from scratch. Utilize online examples, open-source code, and consult questions on Stack Overflow. Commencing from the ground up enables a deeper comprehension, although it requires time. Engaging with open-source repositories exposes you to superior code, even if time is not a concern. Implementing your approach correctly is probable, but it is highly likely that someone online has a superior technique. Learn from their errors.

How to Get a Software Engineering Internship With No ExperienceHow to Get a Software Engineering Internship With No Experience
How to Get a Software Engineering Internship With No Experience

Organizations that employ foreign pupils for internships

Adobe Research

Adobe Systems evokes thoughts of creativity and technology. This globally distinguished brand employs approximately 21,000 individuals worldwide, offering students a myriad of internship options.


Accenture is a well-known professional services firm concentrating on strategy as well as consulting. Renowned for their expertise in security services, digital services, and cloud services, they employ about 505,000 professionals globally, with operations spanning 51 countries.

JP Morgan

JPMorgan (JPMorgan Chase) reigns as a leading entity in the financial industry. They furnish a multitude of financial solutions to both consumers and the world’s most prestigious enterprises. Renowned for their research efforts addressing global economic issues, they average 256,980 employees.

IBM Corporation

IBM Corporation, known as International Business Machines, operates as a multinational technology firm supplying consumer and enterprise hardware and software solutions, as well as cloud-based services and cognitive computing. They employ close to 384,000 individuals globally, presenting various valuable internship and co-op opportunities to students and recent graduates, including:


Google is deemed as the forefront of possessing some of the most competitive internships. Serving as the information superhighway, they are dedicated to making knowledge accessible to everyone, everywhere. This includes maintaining pace with technological advancements and making them user-friendly.

Presently employing about 118,000 individuals globally, Google provides employment prospects across a spectrum of sectors. There are numerous choices for pupils seeking internships.


Microsoft is a prominent corporation engrossed in crafting computer software and applications. Focusing on developing, manufacturing, and licensing an extensive range of software products, server applications, business applications, and operating systems, they currently employ more than 163,000 individuals worldwide, featuring numerous internship prospects for students and recent graduates.


Intel Corporation is a renowned technological enterprise hiring global students. Their mission centers around shaping the future of technology and facilitating advancements in computer hardware and software designed for personal and commercial use. With a current workforce of about 110,800 individuals worldwide, they present various opportunities for international interns.


Securing a software engineering internship sans previous experience may appear arduous, but it is entirely feasible with the right approach and resolve. Remember that internships are intended for dispensing hands-on experience, and several organizations are receptive to hiring interns without an extensive internship-laden resume. Here is a summary of the crucial steps to help you secure a software engineering internship:

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to Get a Software Engineering Internship With No Experience

    Finding internships without prior experience can be challenging, if not impossible, at times. Nevertheless, it is highly probable and feasible for anyone. Demonstrating the ability to market yourself effectively is key.

  2. Can I become a software engineer with no experience?

    However, with the proliferation of computer science education and training opportunities, it has never been easier to break into the software engineering field, even if you have little to no prior industry experience. All that is required is a healthy amount of ambition, hard work, insight, and adaptability.